Custom Labels are used to label a wide variety of products, including food, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and even propane tanks. Our service hundreds of stock labels in various sizes and styles just waiting for your custom logo or artwork to be applied!

A Custom Labels printing company has many benefits over using pre-made stock labels which include:

  • Your custom label is uniquely designed
  • Professional & timely services from specialized printers dedicated to their craft and trade at affordable prices
  • Save hundreds to thousands of dollars by utilizing a one-stop solution for all your labeling needs – no more multiple suppliers! No need to visit numerous locations for different types of labels and packaging materials. Labeling Company offers high-quality scratch-off security products, beverage labels, dymo labels, food labels, consecutive numbering, coupon codes (IRC), personalized care product tags and so much more.

Enhancing Speech Therapy with Custom Labels in Denver

Custom labels play a pivotal role in a variety of fields, including healthcare, where precision and clarity are paramount. In a place like Speech Therapy Denver, the importance of custom labels becomes evident. These labels are not just stickers or tags; they are indispensable tools in ensuring that the right speech therapy materials, exercises, and resources reach the right patients. With personalized labels, speech therapists can efficiently organize their therapy tools, making it easier to tailor treatment plans to each individual’s unique needs. As speech therapy involves a wide range of exercises and activities, these labels help streamline the process, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. Whether it’s articulation exercises, language development resources, or communication aids, custom labels enhance the effectiveness and organization of speech therapy in Denver and beyond, ensuring that patients receive the specialized care they need.

Beer Labels

When it comes to designing your wine or beer label, some important points must be made clear during the design process so that your logo is printed correctly onto an adhesive-backed material. 

We offer a wide range of product and bottle shapes for you to choose from and can create any shape that best represents your company and the product itself. When designing your wine or spirits label, we suggest including information such as:

Name of Product, Name of Company, Logo Name/Address/Contact Details, Alcohol Content Volume Size (ml or fl oz), Net Contents Ingredients, Country of Origin Manufacturer’s Best Before Date Barcode (UPC) Promotional Message (optional)

Beverage Labels

Beverage labels are a great way to market your product. Unlike other types of labels, beverage labels have a rounded edge and can be produced with various die-cut shapes to accommodate the shape of the bottle to which they will be applied. The production of beverage labels also shares many things in common with food labeling. 

Many custom label printing companies produce food and beverage labels alike, but a quality Custom Label printing company will be able to understand subtle differences between these types of products and know-how best to serve you as a customer.

Food Labels

beer, the bottle, winery-428121.jpg

Food labels are used by all major brands around the world on products such as; canned goods, cereals, snack foods, frozen foods, etc. 

The introduction of labels has been a boon to our health in recent years, with many major companies such as Nestle and Kellogs now using nutritional labeling on their products. 

A quality Custom Labels printing company will be able to help you with all your food labeling needs, starting with the design process where we’ll properly highlight nutritional information and ingredients;

pharmacy, isolated, health-1729445.jpg

Ingredients: (This is a mandatory requirement for certain countries and states) must be listed in descending order of weight, from greatest amount to least. 

For example, if Wheat Flour is the predominant ingredient it should be first on the list followed by water or any other large ingredients. 

If there are numerous ingredients some may need to appear as sub-ingredients such as Wheat Flour (contains Calcium Carbonate), Vegetable Oil, etc.

herbs, flavoring, ingredient-888734.jpg

Food Additives: must be listed in descending order of weight, from greatest amount to least.

Nutrition Information: Must be included and placed on or just below the ingredients panel and should appear in a uniform format that is easy and quick for consumers to read.