Advanced Commercial Label Types

Cosmetic Labels

Cosmetic labels for your cosmetic products can help your product sell better by giving it that extra touch of professionalism along with the added benefits of being able to easily identify personalized samples with VoIP for Manufacturing Companies. When printing Cosmetic Labels, most Custom Labels printing companies will print them on matte or gloss paper with vinyl backs which allows you to easily apply them to many different types of containers with ease. Be careful when choosing your custom label printer as some low-quality printers may not allow this option!

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Personal care labels

Personal care labels are often printed with high-quality paper or vinyl materials, with permanent adhesive backing. Personal care labels can be applied to products such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc.

One of the key advantages when ordering personal care product labels is that we allow our customers to select the exact type of material they wish to use for their labels! If you would like your personal care product label to feel luxurious and soft then choose our satin-coated paper material while if you prefer a more sleek and polished look then go with our polyurethane vinyl option.

Some low-quality printers will not allow you this customization option so you must hire a printing company that will give you the freedom to choose exactly what type of material you want to use for your personal care product labels.

Consecutive numbering

Consecutive numbering is a great way to help maintain control over the inventory of your products in retail locations across the globe. When you order consecutively numbered labels you will receive high-quality custom numbering that is tamper-proof and water-resistant! A quality Custom Labels printing company will understand how important it is for your consecutively numbered product to function properly in all conditions.

Spirit and Liquor labels

Spirits labeling is almost identical to Beer labeling but requires certain elements to be included on the label which are not required for Beer due to different Alcohol content volume requirements of each product. Spirits labeling must include the following items:

  • Alcohol Content Volume by volume % Alcohol
  • Net Contents of Product ml or fl oz
  • Country of Origin (if required)
  • Manufacturer’s Best Before Date (required only if the product has a shelf life of fewer than three years)
  • Barcode (UPC) (optional but recommended for spirits over 4/5% vol.)

It is important to note that any information included on your spirits labels should also appear on the accompanying carton. If you are looking for new ways to attract attention with your spirits, then it may be wise to look into custom spirit bottle printing which will allow you to design an image specific to each product. 

We offer custom labeling on all types of spirits products, whether it’s vodka labels or whiskey labels we’ll get the job done!

Designing Labels for Liquor Bottles can be a great way to attract attention with your unique product. Custom Liquor Bottle labels should focus more on the general information required rather than specific information which is included in standard spirit labeling requirements. 

We offer custom liquor bottle printing so you can design customized designs that will act as brand ambassadors for your company!